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I organized and authored an interdisciplinary project to examine a controversial brownfield in Eureka, California—using text and photographs, artifacts, and 3-dimensional models to investigate this abandoned trainyard’s history, environmental condition, ecology, and sociology, among other features. The research for this project was organized into several particular themes—including Industry and Geology, Refuse Divestiture and Reclamation, Residents and Visitors, and Natural Wonders—and considered the site’s past and present condition from a variety of academic perspectives. This page features highlights and installation views from this project, which was exhibited at Humboldt State University's First Street Gallery in 2001. (Most works are C-prints with accompanying text.
Click on the images below to read the panels and view more details of this installation.)

Some History of the Site

Refuse Divestiture and Reclamation

Residents and Visitors

Natural Wonders

Industry and Geology

Aesthetic Wonders